Advanced Stain Protection

Keep Spots from Becoming Stains!

Our advanced stain protector reduces resoiling and alters surface tension to make stains  bead up for hours.When you put water drops on a surfaces treated with Spot Guard, the drops pile up into a dome because of surface tension. Surface tension is produced by the force of attraction between water molecules. Within the liquid, each water molecule is attracted to its neighboring molecules, making them “stick” together. The water molecules at the top, however, “stick” only to the water molecules next to and below them. That’s because there are none above them. This unbalanced attractive force causes the water to act as if it had a thin “skin” on the surface.

Spot Guard can be used on carpet, fabrics, and on any hard surface. It is a water based formula that is non-hazardous and does not contain harmful PFOA/c8. It will not cause over-wetting and dries in as fast as 15 minutes.