Pet Urine Treatment

Our Pet Urine Treatments eliminate both stains and odor.

pets-on-furnitureThe main component of freshly excreted urine is uric acid, which is just slightly acidic. Other constituents include enzymes, cholesterol, urea and trace amounts of other chemicals. The offensive smell is quickly generated as the water evaporates and it is transformed into a mild alkaline. That is why it becomes stronger under humid conditions, or when the carpet is wet.These urine salts also provide a perfect breeding ground for many kinds of microorganisms, whose metabolic byproducts also contribute to the bad odor.The yellowish color is a result of rapid oxidation of acidic components in the urine.

Sometimes, the yellow stain may not appear. We can find and treat unseen urine deposits  using an ultraviolet or “black” light to locate the stains, or a hygrometer which penetrates the carpet and detects moisture.

Once the problem area is identified, we use a product that helps to break down the urine and urine salt crystals so that they can be more easily removed from the carpet. We then saturate the area with enzyme digesters and allow it to dwell to give it plenty of time to work. These will break down proteins and digest waste solids so that the odor causing microorganism dies for lack of food. We then take our sub surface extraction tool that allows us to remove the urine from the carpet padding, carpet backing, and the carpet face yarn. We’ll treat the areas multiple times until we see that no more urine is coming out of the carpet. We then deal with any remaining staining with our specialty spotting products.

If the damage is so severe that it has contaminated the sub-floor, the carpet should be lifted and contaminated pad removed. The carpet and backing are cleaned and carpet is replaced after the sub-floor is treated, sealed, and new carpet pad is installed.