Tile Cleaning

Ever noticed that you’re once beautiful tile and grout surfaces aren’t looking as great as when new?

Over time, dirt and grime builds up on your tile floors, showers, and countertops leaving your once bright and beautiful tile surfaces dull. Pets, kids, and everyday life lead to soil buildup on the tile surface. The soiling happens gradually, and many people don’t realize just how dirty their floors are until they are professionally cleaned.

Having your tile and grout cleaned, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere in your home or business has additional benefits beyond aesthetics. Professional cleaning makes your home a healthier place, especially in areas, such as bathtubs and shower enclosures subject to mold and mildew.

dirty-tile-before-afterOur tile and grout cleaning service uses hot water extraction and a specialized tool designed to clean tile and grout. Tile and grout surfaces are porous, and regular cleaning and mopping only moves the dirt around, causing the soils to get deeply embedded in the tile. Our method will extract the deeply embedded soils, leaving your tile surfaces looking bright and beautiful again.

Some stains, (red wines, kool-aid, dyes) will not entirely come out if they have dyed the grout lines. If your tile and grout was sealed during installation there is a much greater chance that these issues may not have effected the tile and grout floor. The combination of heat, water pressure, and detergent will remove most staining.

In the event our restoration process is unable to remove the stains and color inconsistencies in your grout, we may be able to apply a colored sealant to your grout that will make it look like new.  Additionally, this grout will be protected from stains in the future.